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Hello everyone, I’m Ricardo and Welcome to The Family!

For those of you just discovering Fermata Media Group either thru social media or word of mouth, welcome! Take a few minutes to browse the site and see what we’re all about. And by all means, join us in The Family!

Our life’s intention at Fermata Media Group is to share our knowledge, experience and concepts and give back to the music community. To make you a better musician, creator and human! It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, are an established working musician, high school or college student, composer, producer or creator. We want to help you become better at your craft, grow your talents, control your brand, improve your lifestyle, make more money and have a career that’s not just a “job” doing what you love to do.

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Benefits Of Being A Member Of The Family

Well, to start off with, it’s free…

You’ll join a community of musicians, songwriters, producers and students who strive to become leaders in music creation. You learn, share and progress as musicians and as humans.

You’ll receive a Bi-Weekly newsletter that will have valuable, member first information on upcoming events, special programs, promotions and services only available to The Fermata Family. We will also update you on the latest news items that affect musicians and the music community.

You’ll also join a Private Facebook page where you can ask for advise from other members, guest experts and network with some of the best musicians, composers, producers and industry professionals around. You never know what collaborations could take place!

You’ll also receive a 15% discount on Fermata Media Group Services including:

  • Website and Digital Marketing Services
  • Mindset and Legacy Consulting
  • Our Online Merch Store
  • Our Upcoming “Sounding Board” Sessions


Every month we’ll select a Family member to be interviewed on our podcast – “Thanks For Sitting In”. And really, who couldn’t use a little more visibility for their career? You’ll be featured on our website, ITunes, Google Play, Stitcher, YouTube and promoted on all our social media platforms.

But wait! There’s always more…..

All Family members will get a 25% discount on the workshop of their choice.

We’re finalizing date and location details and will have the full schedule soon. Details about this essential program for musicians can be found below. (Note: You’ll have your choice of which Workshop to attend.)

You could save as much as $1,000.00 just by becoming a Family member!

There is more. But until we finalize the details, we don’t want to jinx it…

Become a member of The Fermata Family today!

The Musicians Mastermind Workshops

Musicians Mastermind Workshops

The Musicians Mastermind Workshop is an all day intensive interactive learning and sharing experience that brings together dedicated musicians, students, composers and producers of all ages, sexes, music genres and levels of talent. The intention is to combine the knowledge and experience of the attendees with experts in music, lifestyle, business, marketing, legalities, communication and mindset. All intended to inspire everyone to become better at creating, performing and controlling their own careers.

With the music industry changing dramatically at a rapid pace, knowing how to best leverage your talents is more essential now than ever. For students, it’s especially important to know what the working musicians lifestyle is like from those that live it and to know how to protect yourself in a cutthroat industry. The workshop motivates you to develop your mindset on success, gaining respect, becoming a leader and leaving a legacy.

Dates for the “2018 Disruption Tour” are now being finalized. Orange County, Phoenix and Houston are being planned for April and May. Other cities will soon follow. Become a member of The Fermata Family and be the first to know how to attend and gain an edge over your competition.

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