Why LifeBlood?

The issue of Mental Wellness is all around us.There has been much attention given to the recent deaths by suicide of musicians and celebrities. There is a growing awareness about how many Veterans see no way out of their situation and decide suicide is the answer. There is also a group of not so famous, ordinary people who may be on the verge. Their lives are equally as important as the famous ones.

The rate of depression and suicide among musicians and creatives is three times that of non musicians. The pressure of being in the public eye, of having to create and still have some sort of personal life can lead to bad decisions. Professionals may prescribe medication for the symptoms but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Having a support system might not be the answer if they are not the right support system.

Maybe, just maybe, a different perspective and mindset is needed?

What is a LifeBlood Workshop Live Event?

“A LifeBlood live event is a reset of your Mind, Body and Spirit.”

LifeBlood is a two hour energizing and interactive discussion and workshop designed to offer solutions and support and lessen the stress and anxiety associated with the artistic lifestyle. You’ll experience an informative panel discussion, followed by a question and answer session and the highlight being our small breakout groups where you can feel comfortable telling their stories and get advice from the experts and the other attendees who share the same experiences.

The workshop is non judgemental. We all go through it together.

The goal of these sessions is to create a positive change in the mindset and wellness of musicians and creatives of all talent levels, ages and experience. We’re dedicated to help you achieve the lifestyle and creative fuel they desire. Each workshop will be limited to no more than 35 attendees each so everyone can get LifeBlood’s full attention.

It doesn’t end there. LifeBlood members and partners are ready to offer support to whoever needs further coaching.

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