I recently went on a rant about selfies and smart phone videos at concerts and private events like weddings. There seems to be this trend where people can’t seem to put their phones down and have to document every single thing that happens during the show.

I’m all in favor of some memories being preserved for later, but really, all night long?

Think of it this way. The musicians are on stage and creating a great concert experience for everyone. The audience is returning the energy to the band and they in turn are feeding off that energy and performing at a higher level.

“What a show!”

Meanwhile you, having spent hard earned money on tickets, a pre-concert gathering with friends, a souvenir t-shirt, parking and an $8.00 beer at the show, are paying more attention to documenting the show instead of being part of the show. With today’s concert prices, that’s at least $200.00 you’ve spent to be the groups unofficial videographer!


Music is all about emotion. How the audience reacts to the music is what ignites the band to perform better. If they see 5,000 “fans” caring more about selfies and recording the whole show for Facebook later, frankly, they might find that disrespectful.

We’ve heard of performers stopping the show and either removing an audience member or have their phone taken away until the concert is over. Peter Frampton, after asking a fan to stop recording numerous times, grabbed the phone and smashed it to bits. Bravo!

Don’t get me wrong, with the introduction of Facebook Live and Periscope, these amateur Spielbergs are now equipped to preserve any situation for the masses that couldn’t make it to the show. But with anything awesome, moderation is the key. You should enjoy the music and the performance to the fullest. Worrying about keeping your phone steady to video the whole show is not what concerts are all about.

                                                               “Disconnect to Reconnect”

Put the phone away and have a great time with the performers and your friends. The memories you save in your head instead of your phone will last longer and be cherished long after you upgrade to a newer phone.

Enjoy the show!