“Well, we made it.”

In a year that saw certain words lose their meaning completely because they were either overused or misused, (“Racist” being the most blatant one), we now come to the time when we all give our “Resolutions” a chance to manifest. We all do it. And then we get stressed, for no reason, when we don’t accomplish them. We finger point, scratch our head, get depressed and say, “Maybe next year.” The reality is that those “Resolutions” needn’t have to wait until the calendar turns over. You can make your Resolutions anytime, any day, in any situation you want.

I don’t make Resolutions anymore. I take action on a select series of Intentions and execute them.


Execution. Not. Resolution.


Before the start of every week I journal my thoughts and schedule things I have to do to make a difference in the culture and in myself. I don’t get crazy and list tasks that will derail me from the Intentions I set for myself. Rather I focus on three or four relative Intentions that will build, grow and lead into the next set of Intentions I have envisioned.

Then I execute. In other words, I take action. And that’s the part that many fail to do.

The Intentions then have a life of their own. Once you start, one will lead to another and soon you’ll realize that your Intentions are not as difficult as your imagined. That they lead to new opportunities to take advantage of. That focus and clarity make you a better creative and a better person. Remember that the Universe works with you and not against you.

As you list your Intentions, think about what a more successful and focused you would do different than the one you are now. Then reverse engineer and make that final result your ultimate Intention. Then execute.

Below are some questions that frame my Intentions coming into a new week, month or year. Even a new opportunity. Ask yourself these questions and execute. You’ll be better off and on your way to the career and legacy you want and deserve.

  • What was your major accomplishment? (In 2017, monthly or weekly)
  • How did you accomplish it?
  • Can you duplicate it in 2018?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What didn’t you accomplish that you really wanted to?
  • What was your biggest disappointment?
  • What lessons did you learn from it?
  • How will you accomplish it in 2018?
  • Who’s life did you affect in 2017?
  • Who are you wanting to affect in 2018?
  • Who has been you biggest supporter?
  • Who surprised you with their support and friendship?
  • What gives you the momentum and drive to create and succeed?
  • What is your Ultimate Intention?
  • Are you willing to execute, take action on that Intention?

Wishing you an amazing and successful year for you personally and creatively. Be confident and ambitious.

Now go execute!