Common Sense Programs For All Stages In Your Career


Our Signature Series, “HUNGER FEEDS THE DREAM”, was created so musicians can interact with other musicians in an intense three day Mastermind program. The intention is to prepare members to become independent and take full control of their careers.

The program – The Musicians Mastermind Sessions cover The Four “M”‘s: Marketing, Motivation, Mindset and Music. This program is presented Live. No webinars or membership sites.

The advantage of a Live Mastermind Group is in the interaction, support, honesty and commitment each member provides. A number of guest experts provide their experiences and knowledge to the members.

This informative program is perfect for Indie musicians, beginners, students, songwriters, producers and veteran musicians who need to expand their marketing knowledge. With the music industry unresponsive to the needs of so many artists, this is one program all serious musicians should consider.

For more information, see our Musicians Mastermind page here.


There are times when another person’s input can clarify whatever issues you are dealing with. Writers block, starting a new product line, hiring the right musicians for a project, procrastination or starting a crowdfunding campaign. We will listen, research, make connections, motivate and advise you to the right path. Even if you are not in need of any of our other services (although, we think you might be…), our Consulting Service will save you time, anxiety and expense. With any project, creating a solid Foundation is key to it’s success. Your career included.

We need to talk about Depression:

A growing issue among creatives is how to deal with depression and anxiety. You put so much of yourself into your craft that sometimes you derail your life balance. We’ve been thru it ourselves. We connect with experts who can help get you back on track. If your friends and family are not available or can’t help, we urge you to call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255.

Remember that you’re not alone. There is a better way and help is always available.


Learn By Doing

We realize that as students and aspiring musicians you might need some encouragement and direction. If you are truly serious about your career, some advise from working musicians, teachers and others in the industry can help motivate and guide you on the right path.

We get many young artists say they want to be “The Next (fill in the blank) Superstar. The problem is, there already is that Superstar. What we encourage is to take those influences but find your own voice. Let fans love you for being you. Not a copy of someone else. People respect and support “REAL”.

We host Roundtable discussions with educators and established musicians to give you the knowledge you need to expand your mindset and further your music career. All relevant topics are covered including touring, recording, education and legalities. Never doubt that you are ever alone in this journey.


Just Say Hello!

While we suggest Digital Marketing as a necessary way to gain attention, a more direct way is Human to Human (H2H) connections. Knowing how to present yourself in any situation and create relationships is essential in advancing your career. We’ll show you steps you can take to leverage yourself in front of sponsors, promoters, your fans and the media.

Networking works! Get ready to open the doors to opportunities!

We also have a growing network of Professionals we can recommend for all your project needs.

  • Photographers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Videographers
  • Choreographers
  • Voice Coaches & Music Instructors
  • Life Coaches
  • More…

Digital Marketing

Storytelling On A Grand Scale


We start with a free two hour consultation to determine exactly what your goals, budget and strategies work best for you. We listen instead of just hear what you tell us.

The new age of music marketing demands you engage directly to your fan base and new followers. How you present yourself, that link between you and them, is a vital element to your success.

A well designed site, with your stories and personality, bring visitors back regularly to spend time getting to know you and “The Why” of your music. The industry wants to know about you too. The better impression you make, the better your chance of getting attention and achieving the success you deserve.

That is why we’re so committed to providing you with great website design, a targeted social media campaign and our Human To Human (H2H) programs. Put them all together and you’ll have the leverage to attract the right audience and get paid at a rate worthy of your talents.



There was a time when websites and your online presence were not that important. You took your chances by submitting countless demos, getting ‘Exposure” at Showcase gigs and waiting impatiently for your “Big Break”. Thankfully, now there is a more direct way. Your own website, telling your story.

There are many factors that go into a website you can be proud of. This is why we spend so much time discussing the various aspects of design with you before we start the project. The goal is have it stand out and engage the visitor. We take great pride in producing a website unique to you and worthy of your talent. It will present your story in the best way possible and achieve your goals. We refuse to make “Cookie Cutter Copy and Paste” websites. Not all “drag and drop” sites can give you the flexibility you may need to make a great first impression. Let’s do it right the first time.

Most sites take about four weeks to complete. An E-Commerce site takes longer depending on the design and number of products listed. Besides, you have better things to do.



We Help You. Become Social.

There are many elements to a social media presence. Building your followers takes time, great stories and regular engagement. We’ll analyze who your existing fan base is, attract new followers and help you create compelling posts that will build loyal fans that not only love you, but will buy your merchandise and support your shows. Our campaigns are based on what you want to accomplish and how quickly you want it done.

We’ll regularly post on all your essential Social Media sites, saving you time so you can focus on your talents. We’ll show you how to utilize Social Media for a more exciting experience for your existing fans and how to gain new ones

By increasing your base on Social Media channels alone, you can leverage yourself on future gigs and command a higher price for your services. We’ll also properly design your ads on social media saving you time and money.

NOTE: We never buy followers. That’s just a stupid scam that won’t produce the targeted audience you’re looking for.


Website design rates begins at $1,295.00 for a fully responsive site with all the necessary functions including:

  • Design, font and color palette review
  • E Mail Accounts
  • Hosting, SSL certificate and Back Ups
  • Updating Plugins
  • Content and Photo Editing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advanced Analytics, SEO and Meta Tags
  • Monthly Traffic Reports
  • Secure E Commerce Integration (extra)
  • And more

Social Media Management rates vary depending on the frequency of posts and development time. The rates are paid on a per monthly basis.

A detailed proposal and contract will be presented before we begin any project. A 50% retainer is required to begin a website design project.