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We are committed to giving you the tools, education and advise you need to achieve your creative and personal ambitions.

Musicians and Creators have a tendency to overlook various elements of their career that can make their artistic journey easier.

We are passionate in giving you the clarity you need to succeed.

Education & Mentoring

Music students and aspiring musicians who are truly serious about their careers, all need some encouragement and direction from working musicians, educators, family members and others in the industry to help motivate and navigate the journey. Many young artists say they want to be “The Next Superstar”. The problem is, there already is that Superstar. What we encourage is to take your influences and find your own voice. Let fans love you for being you. Your audience will always respect and support the “realness” of you.

Thru our Mentors Program, we partner with artists, creators and professionals who can mentor students so they can learn by doing. You can spend all your time on Google, but hands on experience is always the best.

The Sounding Board Sessions are another way to gain insight from experts and help you make the right career decisions.

Our Musicians Mastermind Workshop series was created so musicians can interact with each other in an intense workshop setting. It’s intended to prepare members to become independent and take full control of their careers. This informative program is perfect for musicians of all experience and talent levels, students, composers and producers who want control of their career. With a music industry unresponsive to the needs of so many artists, this is one program all serious musicians should consider.

The Sounding Board

For those times when you need a reality check to clarify issues you’re dealing with, we have our Sounding Board Coaching Program. Advise on career choices, education, product lines and sponsors, musician chemistry, marketing, crowdfunding, health and fitness, finances and more. We will listen, research, make connections, motivate and lay out some solutions. Even if you are not in need of any of our other services (although, we think you might be…), our Sounding Board Coaching Program will save you time, anxiety and expense. As with anything in life, knowing your “Why” and creating a solid Foundation is key to it’s success. Your career included.

Our Sounding Board Sessions Program are regularly scheduled Roundtable discussions with educators, musicians and business leaders who give you the insight to expand your mindset and further your music career. Touring, recording, education, lifestyle, motivation and legalities are all covered. Never doubt that you are ever alone in your artistic and personal journey! We are launching this program very soon. Be sure to “Join The Fermata Family” to receive updates.

Depression and anxiety. It’s a growing issue among creatives. You put so much of yourself into your craft that sometimes you derail your life balance. We’ve been thru it ourselves and understand the struggle. We work with experts who can help get you back on track. If your friends and family are not available or can’t help, we urge you to call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255.

Social Marketing

There was a time when websites and social media were not that important. You took your chances by submitting countless demos, getting ‘Exposure” at Showcase gigs and waiting impatiently for your “Big Break”. Thankfully, now there is a more direct way to find and communicate with your fanbase.

We start with a free two hour consultation to determine exactly what your goals, budget and strategies work best for you. We listen instead of just hear what you say. Todays music marketing demands you engage directly with your fans on a greater scale. How you Brand yourself, that link between you and your audience, is a vital element to your success.

There are many elements to building a social media presence. It takes patience, great storytelling and regular engagement. We’ll analyze who your existing fan base is and how to attract new followers that not only love you, but will buy your music, merch and support your shows.

While we suggest Digital Marketing as a necessary way to attract attention, a more personalized method is Human to Human (H2H) Relationships. Knowing how to present yourself in any situation is essential in advancing your career. We’ll show you steps you can take to leverage yourself in front of sponsors, promoters, your fans and the media. It’s time to get social!

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