Website Design

Storytelling On A Grand Scale

There was a time when websites and your online presence was not that important. You took your chances by submitting demo after demo, getting next to nothing for “Showcase” gigs and waiting patiently for your “Big Break”. Thankfully, those days are pretty much over. There is a better way.

The new age of music marketing requires you engage directly to your fan base and new followers. How you present yourself, that link between you and them, is a vital element to your success. We combine a well designed site, with content that brings visitors back regularly. A place to spend time getting to know you and “The Why” of your music along with a potent social media presence.The industry wants to know about you too. The better impression you make, the better your chance of getting noticed.

The geek stuff can be confusing. Not all “drag and drop” sites can give you the flexibility you may need to make a great first impression. Besides, you have better things to do.

Like music!


Social Media Relationships

We Help You. Become Social.

There are  many elements to a social media presence. Building your followers takes time, great content and regular engagement.

This is where we come in. We will analyze who your existing fan base is, establish new followers and help you provide interesting and compelling posts that will build loyalty. Fans that not only love you, but will buy your merchandise and support your shows. Our campaigns are based on what you want to accomplish and how quickly you want it done. We’ll regularly post on all the Social Media sites that are right for you, saving you time so you can focus on your talents. We’ll show you how to utilize Social Media for a more exciting experience for your existing fans and how to gain new ones

By increasing your base on Social Media channels alone, you can leverage yourself in future promotions. Which means now you can command a higher price for your services. We’ll also how you develop promotional ads on social media. We’ll help set them up properly, saving you money and time.

Career Consulting & Motivation

A Solution To Every Problem

There are times when another person’s input can clarify whatever issues you are dealing with. It could be writers block, starting a new product line, finding the right musicians for a project, procrastination or how to begin a Crowdfunding campaign.

Look to us to offer solutions. We will listen, research, make connections, motivate and advise you to the right path. Even if you are not in need of any of our other services (although, we think you might be…), our Consulting Service will save you time and expense.

We’ll align you with our network of industry partners.We’ll show you how to best present your creative side in any situation and we’ll also network on your behalf. Doors to Opportunities are always opening and closing. Let’s work on leveraging the open ones and knocking down the closed ones.

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A great way to clearly define your career goals and how to accomplish them.

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