Our Mission

To further the careers and lifestyles of visionary musicians

To inspire and educate the next generation of musicians

To change the culture of music creation

To advance the respectability of music and musicians

How This All Started: Ricardo’s Story

Ricardo Luis Cañez grew up surrounded by music and musicians. Ricardo has almost 40 years experience as a Musician (drums & percussion, dabbling on guitar), Event DJ (don’t judge), Remixer, Master of Ceremonies, Concert Promoter, Event Production Director, Keynote Speaker, Businessman, Consultant, Mentor and acclaimed fresh salsa and carne asada chef (yum)!

He understands the lifestyle, the passion, the sacrifices and frustration of struggling ignored musicians, music students and creatives.

“I graduated from the “University of Serious Street Smarts” and have a Masters Degree from the “College of Hustle”.

Ricardo has led successful, and not so successful businesses and music projects. He knows what it takes to balance the business, the performance and the lifestyle aspects of a musicians life. Ricardo offered his knowledge to other artists who sought out his expertise. Those experiences and relationships inspired his passion to help others who need motivation and knowledge.Throughout his career, Ricardo has studied the music industry culture and how to achieve success. It’s constantly changing. The great ones create their own direction and don’t follow. They lead. And they give back.

The Lightbulb Moment:

We all have that moment in our lives when we realize our ‘why’, our purpose, is something far greater than what they’re doing at that time. Ricardo had that moment in 2015. He had became mentally, physically and emotionally drained which created little passion for the entertainment company that he had built for 24 years. His love of music all but disappeared. Ricardo went through the dark struggle of stress, anxiety and depression causing serious health issues, forcing him to lose his motivation, his friends and his business.

While lying in a hospital bed at 2:37 in the morning, four words; “I’m better than this.” inspired him to devote his life helping musicians avoid what he had experienced.

So he walked away from what he once loved and started over. Working with mentors, musicians, influencers, educators, networking, constantly reading, observing, Mastermind sessions, focus groups, trial and error, he became a learning sponge and his total mindset changed.

And now it’s time he gives back.

Ricardo’s love and respect for music and musicians has returned! He developed education and music program events. He sought out experts to share their knowledge with working musicians and the next generation of artists so that they can achieve their goals and create incredible music. And to do it under their terms!

The changes in creation, distribution and legalities of music continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Ricardo’s mission is to keep musicians ahead of the trends and culture changes. To show musicians alternatives to the industry ‘Black Hole’.

Think Legacy. Not ‘Shiny Object.’

The music culture needs to change. A musicians mindset needs to change. The industry, definitely needs to change!

So, why are you here? Because,


You’re better than this!!

Who’s ready?

How It Gets Better: Your Story

We believe that all musicians need four things to achieve their potential in creating amazing music and a rewarding lifestyle.

Education. Motivation. Vision. Mindset.

We’ve taken the lessons we’ve learned from visionaries and mentors outside the music industry ‘Deep State’, from our own experiences, our discussions with musicians, students, promoters and by observing trends in culture and the music industry. We found the five issues most important to artists are:

Visibility (Some call it ‘exposure’. We won’t)
Establishing and Scaling A Business Model
Wellness. (Both mental and physical)
The Creative Process

Taking Action: We listen to musicians to understand their concerns and help create a plan that fits their career and personal goals. Just like dedicating yourself in learning your instrument, devoting time to your career and life is just as important to your success. And to do it in a systematic enjoyable way. Learn how to rise above the noise of hype and manipulation.

We Help:

The Working Musician:

Are you frustrated, confused about how your career is going? Have you plateaued and want to know how to take the next step in your growth as an artist and a person? Are you not getting the recognition financially and as an artist that you know you deserve? If you’re afraid the industry might eat you up because you not sure of the process, let’s spend time teaching you how to leverage your talents.

Women In Music & the Arts:

Women are becoming more respected and influential not only as musicians, but also in management, production, design and support services. We’re entering an age where your voice is getting louder and we want to encourage and support the community and your talents in whatever way is needed.

Music Students:

A High School or College education can only teach you so much of the business of music and it’s lifestyle. And those student loans? YIKES!!

We provide the knowledge and advice from real working musicians, songwriters and producers on what music skills and life skills are needed to survive the musicians lifestyle. We also take lessons from those outside of music to give you a different perspective on life and business. We’ll teach the next generation of students how to avoid the industry ‘Deep State’ and create a career path on their own terms.


You’re better than this!!

Who’s ready?

If you’re ready to be better, send us an email through the form below. We’re ready to help you and the music community become better at creating a career and life that is rewarding and legendary.


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