Do you seek them out?

Are you able to recognize them when they become available?

Do you create and take advantage of your own opportunities?

Are they the opportunities you want and set as goals?

Who holds your next great opportunity in the palm of their hand?

What challenges do you face in the “Opportunity Universe”?


As musicians, we sometimes get caught up in the opportunities that are given to us. They may not always be the best choices. We accept them for what they are and hope for the best. Sometimes, we procrastinate and see opportunities fade in the blink of an eye. And sometimes, we wonder if we’ll ever see an opportunity like some other musicians always seem to get.

Occasionally, opportunities are taken out of desperation. That may lead to disappointment and then hesitation in pursuing other opportunities that appear. Then that leads to ignoring the next great opportunity. And the cycle continues….

But for those that can see past the moment, take the blinders off their field of vision and evaluate the best course of action, opportunities are everywhere. What if you could create a system for having opportunities come your way? If you’re a working musician, you never know where you next gig may come from. Your audience is there for a reason. They want to not only be entertained, but lead. Lead to a conclusion or goal you’re both happy with.

Is that conclusion, “I want to hire you for my event” or “I’m going to follow these guys on social media to see where they’re playing next.” “I’m going to come back to this club whenever they perform.”

Or is it a solution? “ I need music written / performed for my podcast, my business conference, my television commercial, my video, etc.”

Or the big ones! “I want to sign these guys to a management / record deal.” Or “I want to take you guys out on tour with us!”

You don’t have to “sell.” You just have to be you and let the music do the talking.

We hear this all the time about the possibility of opportunity: “ I never thought of that!” Opportunities can create rewards you never thought of. It can raise you above the noise. It can solve a multitude of problems for you and for your audience. Think of it as collaborating on a piece of music that is unique and totally original to the both of you. That piece will create a lasting connection between the two of you and break down the door to even greater possibilities.

Either way, keeping your eyes and ears open and being focused enough in your marketing and personality skills can create an “Opportunity Universe.” A place where you are the sun, the moon and the stars. And you have people wanting to go there.

Take them there. Opportunities work both ways. And you never know how one will lead to another. And the cycle continues….