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Bringing Mental Health Awareness, Resources and Encouragement to the Music Community

With the growing awareness to the issues of stress, anxiety, depression and sadly, suicide among the music communities, Fermata Media Group and its partners have created a live event to address these concerns.

The LifeBlood Live Program provides practical tools, education and heightened awareness to the music and creative communities in order to personally empower those who are dealing with stress, anxiety or depression in their lives. We also bring awareness to suicide prevention and support services.

A LifeBlood Live Program is a live two to three hour energizing and interactive discussion and workshop designed to offer solutions and support and lessen the stress and anxiety associated with the artistic lifestyle. The goal of these sessions is to create a positive change in the mindset and wellness of musicians and creatives of all talent levels, sexes, ages and experience.

  • The Program is non-judgmental
  • The Experience is confidential
  •   We all grow as one

The issue of Mental Wellness is all around us. There has been much attention given to the tragic suicides of musicians and celebrities. There is a growing awareness about Veterans who are depressed which may lead to taking their lives. And students who are bullied, pressured and feel isolated. Their lives, equally as important as the famous ones.

The rate of depression and suicide among musicians and creatives is three times that of non-musicians. The pressure of being in the public eye, of having to create and still have some sort of personal life can lead to doubt and confusion. Professionals may prescribe medication for the symptoms, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Having a support system might not be the answer if they are not the right support system.

A different perspective, mindset and support is needed.

We believe a combination of elements can contribute to better mental and physical health. We’ve partnered with experts in the fields of mental wellness, mindset, meditation, lifestyle coaches, nutritionists, physical fitness coaches, psychologists, suicide prevention organizations and others to create a community of knowledge and support.

Musicians come to share their stories of how they overcame their struggles. Family and friends of the attendees are welcome if they feel comfortable sharing their experiences or need support. Each Workshop is limited to only forty attendees so that everyone can be fully engaged in the discussion.

The first step is to honest with yourself and then be brave enough to seek out help. Bravery and clarity will make your life much better.

Disclaimer: “Fermata Media Group LLC team members are not physicians, psychological counselors, or advice givers. Our purpose is to provide an educational and supportive atmosphere to assist you in exploring your own power and potential in taking charge of your life.”


Please contact the following groups if you feel you or a loved one needs help.

Why Was The LifeBlood Live Program Created?

The Founder of Fermata Media Group, Ricardo Luis Cañez has been involved with music as a musician, promoter, speaker, facilitator, businessman and mentor for almost 40 years. He has seen fellow musicians go through the struggles of mental despair and creative burn out. In the past 10 years, he has seen four friends as well as many of his musical heroes take their lives.

A few years ago, Ricardo went through the dark struggle of stress, anxiety and depression causing health issues, forcing him to lose his motivation, his friends and his business. While lying in a hospital bed at 2:37 in the morning, four words; “I’m better than this.” inspired him to create a program to help musicians avoid what he experienced.

Through research, focus groups, trial workshops and reaching out to experts and musicians, the concept of LifeBlood took roots. The evolution of LifeBlood continues with the goal of positively changing lives, inspiring their creativity and expanding their mindset.

The LifeBlood Live Program is a product of Fermata Media Group LLC and is part of the Leadership and Legacy Program for musicians.

Inquiries about workshops, partnerships or sponsorships should be addressed to Ricardo Luis Cañez, facilitator for The LifeBlood Live Program and Founder of Fermata Media Group LLC.


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