Thoughts and Insight


Opportunities. Do you seek them out? Are you able to recognize them when they become available? Do you create and take advantage of your own opportunities? Are they the opportunities you want and set as goals? Who holds your next great opportunity in the palm of their...

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Practice Makes Perfect

A guest post by Renee Bailey It’s an idiom that we’re all familiar with but are you actually putting it into practice (no pun intended)? As musicians, we all know that you must practice to improve our craft. What truly represents good practice is tough to sometimes...

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Advise For Music Students

Ah, high school band practice. You’ve endured tedious marching band rehearsals, broken enough drum sticks that logging companies now know you by your first name, suffered thru family members asking you to sing “Happy Birthday” to their neighbors and watched your...

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The $200.00 Selfie

I recently went on a rant about selfies and smart phone videos at concerts and private events like weddings. There seems to be this trend where people can’t seem to put their phones down and have to document every single thing that happens during the show. I’m all in...

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