I was having dinner with my family tonight, a nice steak, beans, baked potato and green chili salsa. We were listening to the radio and “Suavecito” by Malo can on. Love that song. Great memories! We hear this pretty regularly on the radio or on my IPod. And then I got to thinking.⠀

This song is 45 years old! It is still popular, cover bands still play it, Malo is still touring and many consider it the ultimate #Chicano anthem.⠀

My mind went to the recent #IHeartRadio show with some of the most popular radio artists performing. I saw bits and pieces of it, so you’ll have to excuse me if I missed anything.⠀

My serious question is, do you think that in 2063 A.D., (45 years from now), any of the songs you hear on the radio right now will still be played let alone remembered? Is there a song out now that you would consider an anthem? ⠀

Some of my musician friends and I discussed that much of the music produced today is disposable. Labels are pushing image over creation in order to make as much money as possible. Meanwhile the public is subjected to what would have been considered B-sides years ago as hits.

“Suavecito” may not be your style of music. Think of any song in any of your favorite genre of music. The message remains that musicians should create for the joy of making music and for leaving a musical legacy. I wonder what many of the current artists want to leave?