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We provide the tools and strategies to help musicians leverage their talents into a career that can sustain them artistically and financially.

Even if you’re just beginning your career or a veteran entertainer who needs a marketing and career strategy, we’re confident we can help you. We’ll advise you on how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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Who We Help:

  • Musicians
  • Entertainers
  • Students
  • Composers & Arrangers
  • Producers
  • Artisans & Crafters
  • Visual Artists
  • Private Event Professionals
  • Creative Entrepreneurs

Solutions We Provide

  • Talent, Tools & Time
  • Website Presence
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Career Consultations & Strategies
  • Educational Programs
  • Human To Human Networking
  • Motivation & Mentoring
  • Outside The Box Marketing
  • Personal & Group Branding




We aid young talent hungry for opportunity

Artisans & Creatives

Your talents are yours alone. No one else can do it like you.

Event Professionals

YOU! The Perfect Professional Vendor For Their Event!


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“Do It” T Shirt


“Do It” T Shirt


“Do It” T Shirt


“Do It” T Shirt


Latest Journal Posts

Metal Health Month

Metal Health Month

We are committed to bring you information on a topic that touches us all. With musicians and creatives more likely than others to have issues with stress, anxiety and depression, the importance of seeking help and support is vitally important. The recent...

In the year 2063

In the year 2063

I was having dinner with my family tonight, a nice steak, beans, baked potato and green chili salsa. We were listening to the radio and "Suavecito" by Malo can on. Love that song. Great memories! We hear this pretty regularly on the radio or on my IPod....

Stop Making Resolutions!

Stop Making Resolutions!

"Well, we made it." In a year that saw certain words lose their meaning completely because they were either overused or misused, ("Racist" being the most blatant one), we now come to the time when we all give our "Resolutions" a chance to manifest. We all...

A New Chapter For All

A New Chapter For All

This past year and these few months especially have seen us change our mindset and our purpose in life and business. We have realized that our life's intention is to give back to those in an art form that we love and respect. The art of producing great...



January 2 – 31: 30 Days Of Wisdom Podcasts / Vlogcasts

January 10: TFSI Episode – Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies

January 24: Anaheim Ca. – Pre-NAMM Mastermind Workshop

January 28: Los Angeles Ca.: Female Musicians Mastermind Workshop

February 19: Phoenix Az.: Musicians Mastermind Workshop

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