This past year and these few months especially have seen us change our mindset and our purpose in life and business. We have realized that our life’s intention is to give back to those in an art form that we love and respect. The art of producing great Music. We’ve become sponges and soaked up as much knowledge and influence as possible. We have developed common sense ideas into programs in the hopes that the future of music would be bright and recognized as what it is. Art.
As this year winds down, we would like to thank the true musicians and creators who devote time, energy and talent to their craft. The ones who want to see music progress and challenge the way things have been done for years. It’s a new chapter in the music creation business. It’s time to pivot, re-imagine your vision and go all in on a career that can be all you want it to be.
We’re here to help.

We’re here to inspire and motivate.

We’re here to make an impact.

We’re here for all musicians, songwriters and producers who want more control on how their creativity gets to the public and be successful doing it.

We are especially here for students who need to know what to expect as they continue on their musical journey. We want to give you a head start, a push, a “lightbulb” moment or two.
If you’re more than ready, join us on December 3rd in Phoenix for a different perspective. The Musicians Mastermind & Workshop Sessions is a Signature Program that we have worked hard on for over three years. And in reality, Ricardo has been working on this since he first got into performing music in 1980. It has become a passion, an obsession, a life’s purpose.

Real music and the true artists that create, perform and produce it deserve to have their talents and contributions recognized and not be disrespected or taken for granted. Too often, this thing called music is thought of as a commodity. It’s more than that. Much more.

We are determined in showing artists what they are worth and how to take control and project that to an audience and a broken outdated industry. We want to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

So prepare to get motivated, educated and create the incredible music that only you can. Get all the details and registration information here.

We hope to see musicians of all genres, talent levels and experience on December 3rd in Phoenix, Arizona.

The goal. Preparing for a career and a life that you want.

What’s keeping you from achieving your goals?