We provide the tools and strategies to help musicians leverage their talents into a career that can sustain them artistically and financially.

Even if you’re just beginning your career or a veteran entertainer who needs a marketing and career strategy, we’re confident we can help you. We’ll advise you on how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Who We Help:

  • Musicians
  • Entertainers
  • Students
  • Composers & Arrangers
  • Producers
  • Artisans & Crafters
  • Visual Artists
  • Private Event Professionals
  • Creative Entrepreneurs


  • Talent, Tools & Time
  • Website Presence
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Career Consultations & Strategies
  • Educational Programs
  • Human To Human Networking
  • Motivation & Mentoring
  • Outside The Box Marketing
  • Personal & Group Branding

it’s time to act!

The Musicians Mastermind Workshop Sessions Tour Continues Sunday, December 3, 2017 – Phoenix, AZ The Sheraton Crescent Hotel Details and Registration Here

Why do we do what we do?

Fermata Media Group is a non traditional digital marketing and Human To Human (H2H) relationship agency dedicated to supporting and educating musicians and creatives to achieving their career and life intentions. We help develop leaders who see their talents as a gift to be shared with the world. We help grow your core audience through organic reach, consistency and common sense marketing strategies. We also offer Education programs such as our Signature Program – “Hunger Feeds The Dream”, that gives attendees the tools, knowledge and mindset to take full control of their careers. Fermata Media Group has also created a Mentorship Program for youth and student musicians to help them further their studies and offer support. The intention is to leverage your opportunities, give you more control over your career, create relationships with others in the industry and most importantly connect with your fans!

The Creative Force Behind Fermata Media Group

Ricardo Cañez has the experience of over 37 plus years in the music, entertainment and event universe, He is a die hard music aficionado and supporter of great music. Beginning his career as a Musician (drums & percussion, some guitar), he then progressed to Concert Promoter, Event D.J., Remixer, Master Of Ceremonies, Keynote Speaker, Event Production Director, Lighting, Audio and Decor Designer.

While running successful businesses, he oversaw the organizations sales and marketing programs, customer service, networking opportunities, website development and the design of promotional materials. Ricardo also developed these programs for others in the industry who sought out his expertise.

The Hustle never stopped. And never will.

His perspective on the value of entertainment and creativity gives him and his team the edge over other marketing and branding agencies. Why? Because they’ve experienced the different sides of the industry. The art of Entertainment and the business of Marketing. One just as important as the other.

Ricardo grew up surrounded by musicians and creatives his entire life. He understands the lifestyle and frustration of struggling ignored musicians and creatives. Yet another advantage for you from Fermata Media Group. We understand the creative mind as well as how to implement innovative marketing techniques for this niche market.

We’ve seen the difficulty talented individuals experience just trying to get their careers established and stabilized. Talent just becomes a commodity and loses it’s true meaning. The artistic shallowness of manufactured “stars” lessens the value of the creative spirit. This has left many deserving voices unheard.

“Our passion is to help you achieve the level of success you deserve.” – Ricardo


As an artist, you deserve Respect and Rewards for your dedication and talent. We have Respect for those who seriously Respect their talents and honor the history of the music they perform. Our Passion for supporting artists of any talent level, age, experience or genre, drives us to develop marketing concepts and educational programs to change their lives and change the culture of the music industry. We support the Passion you have to continue to inspire and create lasting music. We won’t limit you by only taking you to “The Next Level.” We will instead help guide you above the noise and take you to the top. We won’t gouge you with outrageous fees, but charge a fair price for our services. We won’t call your music “Product”, describe your Story Telling as “Content”, disrespect your talents for “Exposure”, or tell you we will reveal a “Secret Formula”, have developed a “Proven Strategy” or have “Cracked The Code” on how to Market or Brand you. We Respect your intelligence and talents much more than that! Our commitment is to save you time, money and anxiety. We can develop a strategy that you can continue to use as your career grows and prospers. You have much better things to do than worry about correctly marketing your Brand.

Like Music!

We want to change the culture and the way music and musicians are viewed and treated. We want to see musicians create their legacy and perform legendary music. We want to help change the mindset of the public as to how music should be appreciated. Not as a throw away commodity but as what it is. Artistic interpretation from the heart and soul of a talented individual.

  • We will help form your business foundation and culture as you grow your career.
  • We will help you save time so you can concentrate on what really matters: creating your music.
  • We will motivate you and support you
  • We will seek out opportunities for you
  • We will help you target your prime audience
  • We will help you develop your value so you make more money
  • We will help you build your team
  • We will help you create your Brand
  • We will help you rise above the noise
  • We will treat you as an individual and not “just another client.”
  • We will be honest if we can help you or not
  • We will give a damn about you, your life and your talents.

“There is no greater satisfaction than succeeding when told you couldn’t.” – Ricardo

Intentions demand more dedication, drive and purpose that continue after the initial accomplishment. Resulting in a more definitive and greater sense of accomplishment. Goals have a “finish line.” Where after you achieve your goal you move on to another “goal”. And sometimes the goals can be sidetracked or focus is lost if not consistently encouraged.

“The Ultimate Intention is to Succeed and Never Give Up!” – Ricardo

Who do we help achieve?

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We aid young talent hungry for opportunity

Artisans & Creatives

Your talents are yours alone. No one else can do it like you.

Event Professionals

YOU! The Perfect Professional Vendor For Their Event!



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