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We provide the tools and strategies to help musicians leverage their talents into a career that can sustain them artistically and financially.

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Fermata Media Group is a non traditional digital marketing, educational and Human To Human (H2H) relationship agency dedicated to supporting musicians and creators into achieving their career and life intentions. We help develop leaders who see their talents as a gift to be shared with the world. If you’re just beginning your career or are an established artist who needs a marketing and career strategy, we’re confident we can help you. The intention is to leverage your opportunities, control your career, create relationships and most importantly connect with your fans!

Who We Help:

  • Musicians
  • Music Students
  • Composers & Arrangers
  • Music Producers & Creators
  • Visual Artists
  • Creative Entrepreneurs

Solutions We Provide

  • Digital Marketing Engagement
  • Career Strategies
  • Educational Programs
  • Human To Human Communication
  • Motivation & Mentoring
  • Personal & Group Branding

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Latest Journal Post

In The Year 2063

I was having dinner with my family tonight, a nice steak, beans, baked potato and green chili salsa. We were listening to the radio and “Suavecito” by Malo can on. Love that song. Great memories! We hear this pretty regularly on the radio or on my IPod.

My serious question is, do you think that in 2063 A.D., (45 years from now), any of the songs you hear on the radio right now will still be played let alone remembered? Is there a song out now that you would consider an anthem? (READ MORE)

Featured Event

Our Interview with Yvonne Ervin

Tucson Arizona has a diverse music scene, a supportive community and a thriving artistic culture. The Tucson Jazz Festival brings all those elements together every January for an incredible fan experience.Yvonne Ervin is the Executive Director of the festival and works tirelessly with the community, the schools and sponsors to bring in some of the best jazz artists on the scene today. This interview on our Thanks For Sitting In Podcast, is filled with information on the performers, the festival, its future and more.


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