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I’m Ricardo, Founder of Fermata Media Group.

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To further the careers and lifestyles of visionary musicians

To inspire and educate the next generation of musicians

To change the culture of music creation

To advance the respectability of music and musicians

So I ask you:

Has anyone has ever told you you’re wasting your time playing music?

Do you have a passion, a need, a desire, to share your talents with the world?

Are you’re determined to create and leave a legacy of amazing music?

Are you’re ready to commit to doing the work that leads to a satisfying career artistically and financially?


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Thanks For Sitting In Podcast

We’re your source for Music, Culture and Motivation

Thanks For Sitting In is a podcast that let’s artists tell their stories and inspire others. We also invite experts to sit in and offer their knowledge about issues relating to musicians, lifestyle,culture, business practices and education. Plus some occasional rants and live event broadcasts.

Some recent guests have included – Tito Puente Jr., Tina Guo, Christina Sandsengen, Amberly Lago, Rene Camacho, John Lewis, Ian Michael, Desiree Bassett, ‘Neto’ Portillo, Dalal Bruchmann, Ron Blake and many others. The ‘Rapid Fire’ segment always offers surprising and entertaining responses from the guests.

Our new season will feature more discussions involving business, lifestyle, cultural issues, wellness as well as music, musicians, artisans and more.

Find all our episodes complete with show notes at

And follow us on Podbean, ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify and YouTube

Sounding Board Sessions

Our Sounding Board Sessions is an exclusive Mastermind Program for musicians, producers and artist managers who desire the most out of their career and life. This program creates results based solutions thru collaboration and accountability.

And, as of August 1, 2019, we are offering this program for entrepreneurs of all industries and talents.

Are you determined to being successful and not afraid to do the work it takes to get there? Are you willing to learn and share your experiences freely and with an open mind? Are you ready to fine tune your storytelling voice and become the artist you know you can be?

The creative process can be difficult. Collaborating with a purpose driven community is powerful and will take your creativity and lifestyle to new heights. We’ve assembled a team of experts to advise members on personal, creative and business growth

It’s time to get real.

A limited amount of memberships are available. You could be one who changes the culture and direction of music.


Pre-Registration is now open! We are only taking a limited amount of memberships. Full details here

Leadership & Legacy Program

The Leadership & Legacy Program is a six month program of Live and Online Sessions covering topics such as legalities, business practices, team building, mindset, marketing and branding, leveraging your talent, finances, wellness, collaborations, video and audio techniques, motivation, theory and much much more.

We emphasize accountability, support, collaboration, the sharing of ideas and a change in mindset to understand that you can succeed on your terms. If you want to develop your leadership skills, improve your talent, influence the present culture and generations of musicians, or if you simply want to make more money for the gigs you have now, this program is for you. We’ll teach you how to disrupt the status quo with Practical Common Sense Knowledge, Street Smarts and Your Natural Talents.

This Program is open to everyone. All sexes, all genres of music, all experience levels, all with a passion to learn, contribute and succeed. Prove to the world that you and your music are worth the time and effort! Commit, do the work, have fun doing it.

Details for our 2020 tour events and programs will be announced soon.


We have Opinions, Occasional Rants, Resources and Breaking News. But no cat videos…

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Determine Your ‘Why’.

Set Your Goals.

Challenge Yourself.

Dedicate Yourself.

Reward Yourself.

“Behind every person, behind every company, behind everything, is a story that connects on a personal level.’ – Beth Comstock


“Playing music is about the lives we’ve lived and the memories we create for ourselves and others.”

“Respect yourself and each step of your Journey! Savor your gift, your music, your audience, your setbacks, your successes, your life.”

“Crossing your fingers is not really a plan!”

“Hustle. Commit. Be Real.”

“The same dedication, effort and knowledge you put into your instrument should be put into your life and your brand.”

“Don’t settle. Don’t fit in. Don’t be part of the noise.”

“Tell the truth. Do you feel that the music industry is a good business model?”

– Ricardo –

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