Who You Are

What / Who We Are

We connect people.

We are a niche marketing agency. Our focus is on Musicians, Entertainers, Artists and all Creative Entrepreneurs. Thru several common sense methods we’ve developed, we can separate you from the multitude of others vying for the public’s attention.

The world now at everyone’s fingertips. Literally. Smart Phones and Tablets are now the source for everything in life. If you want to purchase a left handed Phillips screwdriver at two o’clock in the morning, with free shipping, you can find it! Social Media has now become where all ages get their news, entertainment, shopping and engage in networking. We’ll help you navigate it correctly.

In the real world, we promote face to face and social networking as the best ways to communicate and market your creativity.
If you treat your talent as your Business, create and define your Brand, you will succeed. You may not have the time or knowledge to market yourself. This is where our experience and dedication can help establish you as someone to should be paid attention to.

What and Who We’re Not

Fermata Media Group is not a marketing or promotional agency in the traditional sense.

*We don’t set up tours, public appearances or call the media for staged photo shoots.
*We don’t manage your day to day activities, do your laundry or pick up your kids from school. But, we might buy you lunch…
*We won’t work with clients we have to babysit. We want you to respect your talent and yourself. If we feel we can’t help you, we’ll be honest and try to recommend someone who can. Everyone’s time is too valuable to waste by not taking action.
*We won’t “Take You To the Next Level!” To us, this is clearly limiting your potential. Instead our mission is to take you “To The Top!”
*We won’t gouge you with outrageous fees, but we will charge a fair price for our time and services.
*We won’t call your music and art, “Product”, describe your Story Telling as “Content”, categorize what we are trying to accomplish for you as “Exposure” or tell you we have a “Secret Formula” or a “Proven Strategy” to get you to Page One of Google. We respect your intelligence and talents much more than that.

Talent, Tools and Time

Ultimately, we provide you with the talent (all our services), tools (on and off the internet) and time (why you hire us) to grow and develop your talents.


And we’ll do the rest.

We are your teammate, your partner, your confidant, your greatest fan.

Not Everyone Is The Same

Individuals has different goals and levels of talent. This is why we will help design a personalized marketing plan for you and walk you thru the steps necessary to reach your goals. This is a team effort. We can’t do our job without the input from you.

It doesn’t matter what genre of music you play, what medium you create art in, what style of novels you write, or what form of dance you dedicate yourself to. We encourage you to concentrate on your skills and let us do the rest for you. Your success means we’ve accomplished our mission.

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