Website Design

Storytelling on a Grand Scale

Creating an appealing, informative website that is easy to navigate is essential to a great visitor experience. The goal is to engage the visitor and offer something relevant to them. Letting them get to know of you and your talents and welcome them into your world. Who you are, what you do and why should anyone care will be reflected here. It’s storytelling in your voice and your style.

Then there’s Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Adwords, Analytics, Landing Pages, Responsive Design, Flat Design, WordPress, C.S.S., E-Commerce, etc. Huh???

W.T.F. is this stuff??

Fortunately, we talk geek so you don’t have to. We’ll host your site and update it as needed, keeping it fresh and relevant. We’ll help you create engaging content. Need an on line store to sell your creations? We got this!

Let’s create a dynamic site you and your followers will love. Let’s get you and your talents noticed.

Check out our Website Solutions page for all we can produce for you.

Social Media Relationships

We help you – Connect. We help you become – Social.

How do you build a community of followers online? Clearly there are a number of platforms that offer something for everyone. And more are released all the time. But, how do you choose the best platforms? When is the best time and how many times do you post? What type of information are you giving your followers? Do you have the time and patience to post everywhere consistently? Do you know how to utilize of their features for the best results?

This is where we come in. We will analyze who your existing fan base is, establish new followers and help you provide interesting and compelling posts that will build a loyal fan base. Fans that not only love you, but will buy your merchandise and come to your shows.

By increasing your base on Social Media channels alone, you can leverage yourself in future promotions. You can show a promoter, club owner, publisher or art gallery director that you can produce higher attendance at your event directly from your dedicated fan base. Which means now you can command a higher price for your services.

Our campaigns are based on what you want to accomplish and how quickly you want it done. We’ll regularly post on all the Social Media sites that are right for you, saving you time so you can focus on your talents. We’ll show you how to utilize Social Media for a more exciting experience for your existing fans and how to gain new ones.


You had me at “Hello”….

One of our favorite sayings is “You never know who will offer you the next opportunity.” It could be someone who has experienced your talents in person, a friend or relative or someone you met in the shampoo aisle at Target. Yup, it happened to me…

The point is, networking and face to face contact with the world at large is much more personal and stimulating for both parties. Creating that connection and establishing a partnership in person goes a very long way.

We are a networking machine in and out of the Creative Community. Our mission is to Connect while seeking opportunities and solutions. By combining your on line presence and representing live, you create a winning Branding strategy. We’ll show you how to best present your creative side in any situation and we’ll also network on your behalf.

Doors to Opportunities are always opening and closing. Let’s work on identifying the open ones and knocking down the closed ones. Let’s do this together starting today.

Consulting & Motivation

A solution to every problem

There are times when another person’s input can clarify whatever issues you are dealing with. It could be writers block, starting a new product line, finding the right musicians for a project, procrastination or how to begin a Crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve been in your shoes and understand the issues that may come up from time to time.

Look to us to offer solutions. We will listen, research, make connections and help guide you on the right path. Even if you are not in need of any of our other services (although, we think you might be…), our Consulting Service will save you time and expense.

We look forward to helping you continue your artistic journey.

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