At Fermata Media Group we work with music artists between the ages of 16 and 22 who have the drive to take their talent to the world but don’t know to build a successful and rewarding career financially and artistically using their fantastic talents.

Too many times amazingly gifted, even world changing, artists are unable to achieve the success they so richly deserve because the music industry ignores them, artists undervalue themselves or the artists don’t know how to navigate the complicated web of the music industry.

We’re working with young artists hungry for opportunity and open to new ways of promoting themselves so they become the rising stars they deserve to be. We mentor and support these young artists so that they can see their true path to being working and successful in their chosen artistic field.

Your hard work and dedication will pay off. Your goals will be achieved.The world is waiting to hear your voice. We’re ready to help you realize your dreams.

By the way, our good friend Renee Bailey has created a program to help you transition from High School to College. We highly recommend it for students as well as parents who want to be prepared for their future. Check out “Know Better, Do Better Education” here.


The music industry is stale, dying and works in an old fashion, out-of-date model, which overvalues looks and undervalues true musical talent. As a result, truly talented musicians give up on their dreams of being successful after being beaten down by a system rigged against them.

We’re tired of the way the game is played. We’re breaking the stereotype of the poor, suffering musician making twenty dollars (or less) a gig!

We are not a management agency. We aren’t a record label. We aren’t “Industry Insiders” or “Get Rich Quick Gurus”. We’re dedicated partners in getting you noticed. We will treat you with respect and get you the recognition you deserve!

You deserve more (like a career and a life) and we’re here to show you how you can get it!

Why do we want to help? Because we’ve been there. We know the frustrations, the struggles and the pitfalls of the industry. We also love music and feel the world needs more of it. More of your music.

So what’s stopping you from being your best? Really. What??


If you create an amazing piece of music, but no one hears it, did it ever really exist? There are thousands who have started in their bedrooms with a beat, a great hook and lyrics that beg to be sung.

You may have listened to music and have ideas on different textures to incorporate into the music you hear or write. Hours are spent perfecting that sound that you have in your head. You want to share it with the world.

It’s your soul speaking. It’s your artistic release.

No matter what creative outlet you engage in, your talents and creative soul deserve to reach an audience hungry for what you have to offer. Our mission is to get you there.

Bottom Line:

Continue to develop your craft. We’ll take care of “the other stuff.”

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