The Mindset of Fermata Media Group and myself for 2017 has been to compile all the research, life lessons and experiences of the past few years and develop a series of programs that would help aspiring and seasoned musicians and creatives grow and achieve.

To develop not only their talents but their business sense, leadership skills and change the culture in which they live. The music and entertainment industry is not what it used to be and some talented musicians are getting left behind.

With that in mind, we spent this winter coming up with a game plan that will serve our clients best.

So for 2017, here are the Six Intentions you need to know about Fermata Media Group.

Let’s just say that February is going to be a very busy month….

Our Main Intention for 2017 is to help as many Musicians and Creative Entrepreneurs achieve and grow professionally and personally.

*To change your MIndset and create your Culture of Success

* To provide the tools, to motivate, to inspire

* To dedicate ourselves to the success of our clients

The 2016 model of Fermata Media Group was a year of experimentation, research and connections. Much was learned thru hustling, taking action, trying different strategies and allowing mistakes to occur so that we would learn from them. Some projects were successful, some disappointing.

Those lessons we’ll share with our clients so that they don’t make the same errors in their journey. And we’ll keep learning, progressing and sharing what we’ve learned.

We have some incredible programs ready to unleash to those who want to be leaders. To create to their fullest potential. To control their career and lives. To be respected. To get paid what you’re worth.


We’re here to hustle for you! To make a difference for you!



Action ain’t gonna act by itself!

The very act of action requires commitment!

We will not be handing out Participation Trophies. This is about winning! That’s why we love working with those that respect themselves and their talents.



Goosebumps. It’s time to grow. We are presently in discussions with some very talented individuals who have the ability to excel in the various services we offer. From website implementation, social media marketing, graphic design, video, photography, music editing and more.

We’re thrilled to be able to provide more products to our clients and offer better customer service to them all. Interns are also in our plans. If you’re interested in joining our team as a specialist or intern, contact us. Let’s talk!

Even if “Hustle Never Sleeps”, I personally have to recharge my batteries every once in awhile. It’s great to know everyone will be in good hands moving forward.


We’ve been thinking about this for the past two plus years. After researching what some others are doing with their shows, we found that there is a gap in what other related podcasts offer. We are excited to begin hosting a series of shows starting in late February.

The format will feature musicians, songwriters, producers, D.J.’s, audio and lighting professionals and others involved in the industry. A variety of topics will be presented including legal, financial, technology and of course music related issues. Roundtable discussions will also be featured. We are finalizing the initial guest list now.

Interested in being a guest?

Would you like to reach a new audience? (Notice I didn’t mention “exposure”?) Contact us.

It doesn’t matter the genre, the experience, man or woman. Be the storyteller you are on our show.

Note: We’re still toying around with the name of the show. If you have some ideas, submit them to us. We’ll have a nice gift for you if we choose it. Keep it within the context of music and / or creativity.


We’re looking for musicians who want to be leaders!

This is our passion. We’ve been developing the concept for quite a long time. Now, we’re ready for you. These sessions are intended to help shape you into being the best you can be not only in your craft, but in your branding as well. Essentially, how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Unlike other Mastermind Sessions that are presented online, this program series is live, in person. Why? More interaction, better communication and you’ll end up gaining more knowledge that will last with you longer. We can all learn from each other, making us all much better leaders in our lives and careers.

If you need motivation, we’ll give it to you. If you need to understand the essentials of marketing and branding, we’re here for you. Having problems with the subtleties of social media or networking? Count on us. Need guidance on your career choices, you got it! Looking for teachers or endorsement deals? Let us suggest some strategies. Need a kick in the butt or your face splashed with cold water? That’s us!

We are exploring the possibilities of presenting in California, Nevada as well as Arizona.

By the way, this Mastermind Program is for music industry individuals only. We are in the planning stages of offering similar sessions to other creative professionals (authors, crafters, photographers, etc.). The same format with the same results. More business and a better lifestyle.

Plus, we’re excited to have designed a special program strictly for wedding and event professionals.

Be sure to join ‘The Fermata Family” to stay updated on schedule and program details!


In an effort to give these programs and services our full attention, we are closing our sister E-Commerce store, for the foreseeable future. Many of you may not be familiar with the store. is a wedding registry and gift store that features everything from wine and bar accessories to jewelry to cuisine items. We may re-launch at a future date, but for now our focus in on our above programs.



We just can’t get away from it. This is more our market. We spent time with some amazing dealers and musicians at the NAMM Show recently in Anaheim. There were tons of new products that were showcased. We came in looking for just the right merchandise that would serve our client base the best. We also took the suggestions from fellow musicians in making our choices on what they would most be interested in.

Guitars, amps, drums, pianos, etc. you can get at the major music stores. Our focus was on smaller quality products and accessories. We’re presently choosing our dealers carefully and will announce our line of products in the coming days.



Lofty intentions, right?

Well, we’ve had it with the “Mañana” mindset. The time to start is Yesterday!

We’re tired of seeing talent disrespected, taken for granted and ignored. We realize it’s not an easy road for musicians. We’ve been in these industries for over 35 years. We’ll take the knowledge of marketing, technology, common sense and the experiences we’ve had along the way and share all that information with you.

We’ll tell you about the mistakes we’ve made so you won’t make the same ones. We’ll share success stories with you and show you how we and others did it.

We’ll show you a better, smarter way to define your music business model. All while staying true as an artist. Because, the reality is, this new era of the music industry demands it.


What’s keeping you from being the best?

Really. What?

We are ready for you.

Are you ready?


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